Rare Diseases

Developing a coronavirus tracking tool for Subsaharan Africa

CENTIVA 360: Tracking viruses – not people!




A Private-Public Partnership (PPP) has been established in Basel, Switzerland. The University of Basel, the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), Novartis Global Health, and HIT Foundation have partnered to develop an app that addresses the challenges identified.

Symptom Monitoring

Users can download the Covid-19 module with the HIT Foundation’s CENTIVA APP, start monitoring symptoms, and receive recommendations on how to act. The app has been designed to utilize positive COVID-19 diagnoses at point-of-care to immediately inform all recent contacts of the patients positively diagnosed with COVID-19 so that they can self-isolate, and monitor their symptoms remotely via daily questionnaires. To achieve this, the CENTIVA APP enables patients to inform people they have been in recent contact with (people they know) by inviting them to download the app, monitor their symptoms, and self-isolate.

After the interest has faded somewhat, we notice a renewed interest by countries from Subsaharan Africa for which it was developed in the first place. The CENTIVA APP will be developed further into a broader disease tracking tool.


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