Join us at the dHealth CV Labs Meetup on the 22nd of June in ZugJoin us at the dHealth CV Labs Meetup on the 22nd of June in ZugJoin us at the dHealth CV Labs Meetup on the 22nd of June in Zug

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The Operating System for Web3 Healthcare

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    Business Solutions

    dHealth's curated suite of business solutions offers groundbreaking tools for health incentivization, patient data orchestration, and supply chain transparency.

    Health Incentivisation

    Boost productivity and health with our Fitness Incentivization Ecosystem. Companies, patient groups, and governments can incentivize individuals to exercise using DHP tokens, enhancing well-being and reducing healthcare strain.

    Decentralized Database Solutions

    Create verifiable credentials on the blockchain, ensuring global accessibility and verification without hurdles. The dHealth blockchain's low transaction fees make it cost-effective. Perfect for healthcare institutions and industries prioritizing high security and easy verification.

    Autonomous Data Collection

    Streamline data collection with the CENTIVA Life app. Gather data from users, employees, or study participants, and enjoy the practicality of anonymized data. Ideal for healthcare and any industry seeking efficient data collection.

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    The dHealth Wallet

    The dHealth wallet is a non custodial client (wallet) that allows users to interact with dApps in the dHealth Ecosystem and view and maintain your DHP balance. The dHealth Wallet additionally supports signing of all dHealth transactions.

    Stake DHP
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    The Digital Health Point (DHP)

    DHP is a utility and payment token compliant with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) regulations for crypto-currencies. Transaction fees on the dHealth Network are paid in DHP.

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