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The open dHealth Network enables decentralized applications (dApps) and innovative business models at the intersection of healthcare and blockchain technology.

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dHealth Network - current and former partners

dHealth Network Features for dApps

Decentralized Identifiers & Verifiable Credentials

The basis for all decentralized digital health applications is a Digital ID (DID) on dHealth. Verifiable credentials such as immunization status or treatment eligibility can be issued on dHealth and linked to a user-controlled DID.

Smart Contracts are dApps

dApps consist of smart contracts written in CosmWasm and are uploaded to the dhealth Network. They can be accessed by connecting a wallet to the dHealth blockchain. No additional infrastructure is needed.

Digital Payments

Peer-to-peer transfer of DHP tokens and stablecoins can be used for automated and transparent real-time payment processes. Assets can be transferred between blockchains using the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC). Utility tokens can be minted on dHealth.

Manage Access to Health Data

Health data can be stored off-chain in FHIR format and access can be controlled by the individual user with Decentralized Identifiers and Verifiable Credentials.

Tracking & Tracing

Register any product, sample, or raw material, and track it from its origin, to the point of consummation or storage. The registration happens on-chain, is always available and verifiable, and functions as the single source of truth.


Connect to the
dHealth Network

The Explorer app shows the status of the dHealth Network. By connecting a CØSMOS wallet you can interact with the network.

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dHealth Ressources

Keplr Wallet

The recommended crypto wallet to access the dHealth Network  


Earn DHP while securing the network


A proposal can be brought forward by anybody holding DHP

Developer Zone

Intro to dHealth, e.g. how to run a validator node or submit proposals


Explore the dHealth Network repositories


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CØSMOS Dev Portal

Interchain concept, architecture, and ecosystem

Digital Health Point - DHP

DHP is the native currency of the dHealth Network. Transaction and utility fees are paid in DHP. It powers a self-sustaining healthcare ecosystem involving all stakeholders.

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use cases

Selected Projects & Pipeline

Centiva Life

The CENTIVA Life app was used to incentivize patients at the National Lung Hospital in Vietnam (NLH) to adhere to their tuberculosis treatment.

ROCHE applied the app to monitor treatment progress in rare disease patients.

Blockchain technology protects a person’s identity and incentivizes them when sharing data.

UPD8.HEALTH is a web 3.0 application that incentivizes users to lead active and healthy lifestyles by rewarding their physical activities. It addresses the following issues: 1) lack of motivation and 2) short-term reward deficit.
The platform has already gained traction among > 1’000 fitness enthusiasts, and will be expanded to nutrition and mental health in the current funding round.

Medication Tracking

The Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute replaced a paper-based system for the supply-chain routes of rabies post-exposure prophylaxis in West Africa. Using the dHealth as a secure, transparent, and easily accessible data repository empowers all project stakeholders to monitor real-time developments related to transport, administration, and health status - potentially averting rabies-related tragedies.

Organ Donor Certificate on Blockchain (Pipeline)

The purpose of a blockchain-based organ donor certificate (ODC) is to ensure secure and tamper-proof donor records, protecting donor wishes without storing personal information in a database. It allows individuals to control access to their ODC, ensuring their donation preferences are respected, and provides transparency for transplant sites and authorities. This system aims to increase organ availability and reduce deaths on transplant waiting lists.

Vaccine Record (Pipeline)

A blockchain-based vaccine record ensures tamper-proof, secure, and transparent tracking of vaccinations, protecting individual privacy while enabling trusted access and verification of vaccination status.

Proof-of-Personhood (Pipeline)

Blockchain-based proof-of-personhood, a secure and verifiable digital identity system, is crucial for healthcare as it ensures tamper-proof identity verification, enhances privacy, prevents fraud, and enables more reliable and efficient patient data management.

decentralized autonomous organisation

The dHealth DAO

The dHealth Community runs the AppChain based on the CØSMOS SDK. The network of independent Validator Nodes offers an alternative to traditional, permissioned, regulated, and government-controlled infrastructure without noise from other industries.

Voting and Governance

Accounts that stake DHP can participate in the on-chain voting process and hence decide on network parameters and the future course of the network.

Decentralized Network

Validator Nodes are operated by network participants and guarantee the network's independence and availability.