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Autonomous Data Collection

Centiva Life App

CENTIVA Life app is an iOS and Android app that allows a client to gather data from its users, employees or study participants. The data can be anonymized which means it is more practical to use in certain circumstances, rather than other solutions present on the market. CENTIVA Life App allows easy and seamless data collection which can be coupled with decentralized digital identity for treatment monitoring, treatment adherence incentivization and other use cases.

The collected data is exportable in many different practical formats such as xml, xlsx and spss.

The cost of using the CENTIVA Life app is one of the most competitive in the Survey market. As such its use is beneficial and practical not just for the healthcare industry—but for any industry, and organization.

Accelerated Medical Research

This out-of-the-box solution is a combination of the Decentralized Digital Identity and the CENTIVA Life app,

CENTIVA Life app allows the client to evaluate candidates without in-person consultations, gain consent, gather data—all digitally. The decentralized digital identity allows for the on-chain storage of often sensitive and confidential information—anonymously and securely.

This solution is practical and cost effective for any research group conducting a study with human participants that are supposed to provide regular feedback to the research group. This solution is especially useful for research groups conducting very large studies of the aforementioned type.