Join us at the dHealth CV Labs Meetup on the 22nd of June in ZugJoin us at the dHealth CV Labs Meetup on the 22nd of June in ZugJoin us at the dHealth CV Labs Meetup on the 22nd of June in Zug

Patient Registry

Treatment adherence

The pilot project that was a collaboration between dHealth and National Lung Hospital in Vietnam (NLH) tested this use case using DHP tokens as the incentive mechanism and dHealth’s CENTIVA Life app for data collection. The ultimate aim of the project was to encourage treatment adherence in tuberculosis patients. This is because tuberculosis treatment is aggressive and prolonged in duration, with significant detriment if the treatment is not adhered to.

Not only did this project enhance treatment adherence but it also amplified the patient data, enriching the hospital’s reservoir of knowledge for more precise patient treatment and care.

The project was originally intended to include 5,000 Tuberculosis patients at the NLH annually. In parallel, data collection was extended to patients suffering from different respiratory diseases

Although disrupted by the pandemic, the promising program is poised to resume, breathing new life into how blockchain technology can improve patient outcomes.

Treatment monitoring

Treatment monitoring use case is essentially very similar to the treatment adherence incentivization use case, however, the ultimate goal is different. In both use cases patients receive DHP for filling out questionnaires through the CENTIVA Life app, however, that is where similarities end.

The first treatment monitoring use case was deployed in partnership with Roche, and it was aimed at monitoring symptoms and other important information related to hemophilia and spinal muscular atrophy.

The initiative had to be put on hold due to the prevailing geopolitical climate in Ukraine, as that’s where the pilot project was deployed, but the foundation for a decentralized healthcare paradigm has been laid.