Join us at the dHealth CV Labs Meetup on the 22nd of June in ZugJoin us at the dHealth CV Labs Meetup on the 22nd of June in ZugJoin us at the dHealth CV Labs Meetup on the 22nd of June in Zug


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March 2024

dHealth Testnet on Cosmos is live

dHealth Network is joining the CØSMOS ecosystem of interoperable and sovereign blockchain apps and services. (Block Explorer:


A New Chapter: dHealth Moves to CØSMOS

We're thrilled to announce that dHealth will officially launch on the CØSMOS network on March 18th, 2024. This significant milestone signals the transition of dHealth from Symbol Catapult...

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Oct 2023

bDHP listing on P2B crypto exchange

Trading for bDHP on P2PB2B started at 12 PM CEST on October 24th.


Listing on P2PB2B Exchange

On October 24th, at 12 PM CEST, the highly anticipated bDHP token will be listed on the P2PB2B exchange platform. This listing marks a significant milestone in the journey of DHP and open...

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July 2023

DHP listed on Pancakeswap

The listing comes as part of our expansion to the BNB ecosystem. Community members can expect more token utility and listings in the future.


Guide to DHP Swapping on PancakeSwap

By following this step-by-step guide to swapping bDHP tokens on PancakeSwap, you'll be ready to dive into the world of tokenized healthcare and become an active participant in the dHealth...

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June 2023

UPDATE beta release

Released the beta version of UPDATE to the community to get feedback and test the app in preparation for the public release. UPDATE is the move to earn app from dHealth.


All You Need To Know about UPDATE (Move To Earn)

UPD8 App (short for UPDATE) is a new platform that combines the power of blockchain to revolutionize health and fitness tracking. By seamlessly integrating with popular fitness apps.

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What our team is currently
working on


UPD8 features expansion

Adding new gamifigamification features, partnering with other move-to-earn apps and migrating the web app to opBNB


AppChain Extension of dHealth

Adding an AppChain based on Binance Application Sidechain (COSMOS) to the dHealth network with the goal to improve the accessibility, security, and privacy of health data.


Supply-chain tracking of rabies vaccine

Tracking the supply chain of the Rabies vaccine with Swiss TPH in Mali and Ivory Coast using dHealth’s blockchain.