Join us at the dHealth CV Labs Meetup on the 22nd of June in ZugJoin us at the dHealth CV Labs Meetup on the 22nd of June in ZugJoin us at the dHealth CV Labs Meetup on the 22nd of June in Zug


Supply chain tracking

The first project that dHealth realized in product & product administration tracking was the Blockrabies project which was initialized in collaboration with Novartis, the University of Basel and Swiss TPH and sponsored by the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership.

Using dHealth's Layer1 blockchain, we've built a tracking system for the supply-chain routes of rabies post-exposure prophylaxis medication. This secure, transparent, and easily accessible data repository empowers all project stakeholders to monitor real-time developments related to vaccine transport, vaccine administration, and post-vaccination health status—potentially averting rabies-related tragedies.

The project has been a complete success and is aimed to be institutionalized in parts of West Africa in 2024.

The route from raw or pre-processed product or material, to sale of final product and administration involves a myriad of organizations, and their employees. Using the dHealth blockchain to make certain that every step in the supply chain is executed properly, is not only extremely valuable, but also very cost-effective.

Managing viral outbreaks

Our partnership with Novartis was a monumental stride in managing SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks.

The joint development of a COVID-19 module—was realized in a Private-Public Partnership with two other partners: University of Basel and Swiss TPH. The successfully performed feat stands as a testament to what collaborative efforts can achieve.

The module gathers users’ symptoms, provides recommendations on how to respond to them, and more. The app has been designed to utilize positive COVID-19 diagnoses at point-of-care to immediately inform all recent contacts of the patients positively diagnosed with COVID-19 so that they can self-isolate, and monitor their symptoms remotely via daily questionnaires.

Since the pandemic's end, the developed module's initial purpose has become defunct. However, it can easily be appropriated for other diseases—which is the current goal of the dHealth team.

Research samples

Similarly to the tracking of products from manufacturing to its final destination, medical or scientific samples can also be tracked, cost-effectively so, whilst increasing the efficacy of the whole process.

The increased security & practicality aside, the use case of tracking either samples or products makes even more sense to smaller and medium companies operating in undeveloped countries. This is because such companies in these regions often cannot afford proper database creation & maintenance, and also struggle to attract competent database analysts.

Companies in developed countries are familiar with utilizing a decentralized database instead of a centralized one. The aforementioned practicality, security, and cost-effectiveness have convinced the dHealth partner, Gifu University in Japan—to use the dHealth blockchain to track biological samples.

Managing viral outbreaks

In collaboration with Green Consensus, dHealth is working on a blockchain-based data storage solution, which stores feedback from cannabis users on various effects of cannabis, as well as overall health & mood status.

By utilizing the newest analytical AI technologies, it is expected incredible new revelations will be revealed with regards to cannabis health-impacts.

The data from cannabis users is anonymously collected with dHealth’s out-of-the-box CENTIVA Life solution, and the project is run by the first web3 cannabis company in Switzerland—Green Consensus. It is highly likely, new companies will approach dHealth to utilize their cutting-edge solutions, and achieve new breakthroughs in their respective fields.